The Independent quotes an anonymous "senior advisor" to Prince Charles:
"There has been this attempt to portray them [the princes] as symbols of modern Britain, with charity work and so on, which just makes people who actually know
them laugh. They are part of a social scene which thinks racism and bigotry quite funny."

The Indy also has more on that now-notorious visit to a fancy-dress shop:
"I believe William asked about a Zulu costume but we didn't have any," the shopkeeper, Maud Franklin, told a tabloid reporter. William evidently was determined to be a "native" and settled instead on a collection of leopard skins. Harry, meanwhile, was sizing up the colonial options, and particularly a fetching SS uniform. It was too small for the Prince, who lit instead on the now infamous desert kit worn by General Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps.
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