Fox News Channel is regularly attacked for being shallow and one-sided. (Although I find that the people who are most hostile have usually not seen more than a few clips of car chases and women with big hair.) Last night's panel exchanges between William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer offered a good example of the network at its best. (There's no direct link, unfortunately.) Both commentators are pro-war, but Kristol is increasingly ambivalent about, say, Guantanamo (on which he credits Andrew Sullivan with making a strong anti-Bush case.). Krauthammer was no less thoughtful in his crustier way. I listened and learned.

Who knows, maybe one day the Murdoch network will get a good review from the BBC's Start The Week, which this morning ran a fairly soft and admiring piece on Al-Jazeera. Hugh Miles's book sounds interesting. I just can't imagine a sympathetic study of Fox receiving such polite treatment from the Beeb.

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