Michael Rubin, an excellent source over the past year or two, delivers a dispassionate
account of Iraq's turmoil. He damns Allawi, praises Chalabi (surprisingly, perhaps) and thinks not enough is still being done to bring the Shia into the fold. While he's still optimistic about the forthcoming elections, his assessment of the current security situation is chastening:

"In the once posh Mansur district of Baghdad, not only can residents hear nightly gun battles, but mortar fire and occasional explosions as well. An Iraqi who recently escaped Mosul described seeing a boy no more than 15-years-old waving a severed head in the main street as a warning that the Baathists were back."

Meanwhile, regardless of where you stand on Abu Ghraib, it's worth taking
The Mudville Gazette's test, written in the shadow of the prison (via Instapundit).

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