How I enjoyed watching those two anti-war sirens, Menzies Campbell and George Galloway twisting in the wind on the BBC's Newsnight just now. (I'll try to track down a link asap. Here it is.) It was difficult to tell which of them was the more tetchy about the election results. Georgeous George was brazen, Campbell simply embarrassing. Harry's Place, incidentally, has been keeping an eye on GG's other media appearances:

Galloway was breathtaking. He called Sunday's election a 'farce,' 'rigged,' and 'flawed beyond redemption.' He predicted the war will go on ('I'm sorry to say') until the US and UK negotiate terms of withdrawal with the 'resistance.' Is Galloway still going to be a leading voice of what's left of the antiwar movement in the UK? I can't think of anyone better suited to discredit it among those with at least one foot in reality.
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