John O'Sullivan thinks the time has come for the US to sharpen its diplomacy. He's not alone, but this proposal certainly gets full marks for boldness:

...[T]he more the State Department pursues a policy rooted in hard-headed
national interest, the more America needs senior statesmen who will underpin it
with powerful advocacy of American values and principles.

The most respected American in today's world, as the tsunami crisis has shown, is Colin Powell. And the most eloquent is Bill Clinton. Both would be persuasive advocates of the United States in different ways and each would remove the taint of partisanship from the other. Together, as joint chairmen of a major new public diplomacy campaign, they could begin to restore the world's image of America as a generous and progressive nation.

Bush is rumoured to be looking for some gesture of bipartisanship with which he could launch his second term. Here is one that would go beyond mere gestures to help re-shape the international climate of opinion and so to make Rice's conduct of foreign policy that much easier.

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