Like Stephen Pollard, I'm allergic to New Year's Eve. Still, a couple of days in Lille really raised my spirits. It's an elegant place, and I'm probably the last person in Britain to discover how easy it is to get there via the Channel Tunnel. Despite not having a head for heights, I allowed my sons to persuade me to take a night-time ride on the enormous ferris wheel - "la grande roue" - set up in the main square. While it may not be quite as tall as the London Eye, the open-air cars (more like saucers really) are quite an experience. Terrifying, in fact, although I had to pretend to be cool, calm and collected while all the time wondering how many people had fallen overboard in the past few years.

Foodie tip: you'll be spoiled for choice of course, but La Pâte brisée, on rue de la Monnaie is a particularly friendly restaurant-cum-pâtisserie.
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