After emerging from the London premiere, Martin Newland, editor of the Daily Telegraph goes into battle on behalf of Oliver Stone (reg required):

"I spend a lot of money on my daughter's education and, sadly, will continue to do so for some years. I am absolutely certain, however, that this education, though expensive, will never bring her into contact with Alexander the Great. As a historical figure, he holds little relevance for the iPod generation undergoing the rigours of an education they can use, rather than one that confronts them with the drama of historical spectacle. She is now intrigued by the man. I myself am about to head off to a bookshop to see if I can get some more reading material on him, and I suspect that many of those who go to the film to see Farrell in a skirt or Jolie in a loosely put together bedsheet will emerge with a sense of historical curiosity."
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