I'm taking my family to France for a couple of days, and probably won't be blogging while I'm there.
After what has happened in the Indian Ocean, it seems pointless to wish anyone a Happy New Year, but perhaps we can still hope for a peaceful one. I haven't posted anything on the tsunami because any comment would be superfluous. Tim Blair has plenty of up-to-date information. If you haven't yet made a donation to an aid organisation, you can go to Oxfam or Unicef.
One or two on-line journalists - I won't name names - already seem in the mood to exchange common-room banter about the catastrophe.
Which philosopher was it who once said that we all have an infinite capacity to tolerate other people's misfortunes?
Years ago, when I was working at the BBC at Westminster, I sat with a group of colleagues as we watched the Challenger shuttle disaster. Most of us were too horrified to speak. Just at that moment, a well-known politician entered the room. He glanced at the TV screen and shrugged his shoulders. "Trains crash, planes crash," he said. Then he strolled off. Of course, when he died, some time later, he was hailed as a great humanitarian.
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