I'll be blogging very intermittently over the Christmas holiday. Best wishes to all.

Some people, of course, aren't happy about the use of the C-word. I suggest they take a peek at James Q. Wilson's brief article in today's Wall Street Journal:

"We have been a free country even though "In God We Trust" is printed on our dollar bills, even though sessions of Congress begin with a prayer, and even though chaplains paid for by our tax dollars are part of our military forces. Our freedom does not depend on eliminating these acknowledgments of the power of religion; it relies instead on the fact that for many generations we have embraced a secular government operating in a religious culture.

"That embrace will be weakened, not strengthened, by silly attacks on religiosity, stimulating the spiritual to question the seriousness of people who profess a concern for civil liberties."

Amen to that.
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