I've always been a fan, so it pains me to see this. After William Kristol's scathing appraisal in yesterday's Washington Post (reg required), The Weekly Standard follows up with an equally unflattering assessment from Tom Donnelly:

"...[W]e have a Defense secretary more concerned about the Army and the force he'd like to have--the high-speed-low-drag transformed force of the future--than the force with which he actually has to fight today's wars. And, in fact, Rumsfeld and his lieutenants would also simply like to fight the wars they'd like to have rather than the war as it is. How else to explain the Pentagon's conduct of operations in Iraq? The administration is still patting itself on the back for the initial invasion; this week's ceremony honoring retired General Tommy Franks, President Bush acted as though the problems of the post-invasion period didn't exist."

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