The greener-than-green Independent reports that "one of the fathers of climate change studies" believes the Kyoto Treaty is pointless because it fails to address emissions from developing countries. Isn't that what the US has been saying all along?
I was mildly astonished to hear the BBC's World Tonight programme give anti-Kyoto scientists a fair crack of the whip (well, almost) on Monday. Perhaps we can get down to a proper debate some time soon.

UPDATE: Novelist Michael Crichton is obviously no fan of the global warming movement either.

UPDATE, THE SEQUEL: NRO's Steve Hayward, who is in the process of writing an article on global warming, doubts that Crichton's latest will be turning up at your local multiplex:

"One big thing to watch is whether Hollywood will buy the movie rights, and then make a film, of this book, or whether Hollywood is too narrow minded to move beyond "The Day After Tomorrow." I'm guessing Hollywood will take a pass on this one, and you'll also start to hear whispers from the trade that Crichton is an awful person, etc. He has, over the years, delivered some less than flattering assessments of how Hollywood has adapted his novels, so this could be the excuse for payback."

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