Left-winger Joan Smith is bemused to find herself lining up with Melanie Phillips, just for once. The reason? Like Rowan Atkinson, they're campaigning against David Blunkett's plans for legislation outlawing incitement to religious hatred. In today's Indy (subscriber-only, unfortunately) Smith makes the important point that not all religious spokesmen support a ban:

"...Some faith groups oppose the new law, aware that the most virulent attacks on religion come not from atheists but from members of rival faiths. 'There is a real danger,' confirms Paul Cook of the Barnabas Fund, 'that this law could be used by extremists to silence organisations like ourselves from highlighting the persecution of Christians.' Massoud Shadjareh, chair of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, fears the legislation could be used against Muslim communities rather than protecting them."

UPDATE: Melanie P fires a salvo here.
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