Timothy Garton-Ash mingles with the protestors:

"Would you leave your job and your family for several weeks to go and live with strangers in a crowded tent on a dirty street, in temperatures plunging to minus 10 degrees? I was so frigging cold after two hours, I had to go back to my hotel at midnight for hot tea and first aid. They've been living there for two weeks. These so-called ordinary people, now doing an extraordinary thing, have at least earned the right not to be treated as the objects of outsiders' ideological fantasies or fetid conspiracy theories. Instead, we can simply listen, with critical respect, to their own story of why they are there."

The indefatigable Le Sabot Post-Moderne meets new friends and photoblogs again:

"The best part of tonight was doing the Pogo to Tartak with a mixed group of about ten Georgian and Armenian activists."

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