"I've never much enjoyed going to plays. The unreality of painted people standing on a platform saying things they've said to each other for months is more than I can overlook."

John Updike (in "Picked-Up Pieces")

To which you can add the age-old problem of trying to get a drink in the bar during a West End interval...Actually, I do like theatre, but I still find it's quite easy to think of reasons not to bother fighting my way through the traffic in Shaftesbury Avenue. Anyone interested in the future of the art form should take a look at critic Charles Spencer's perceptive article on the state of London theatre. I've been trying to find a link for days. Here it is, at last (registration required), via ArtsJournal.com.

Purists, be warned: one of Spencer's suggestions borders on the heretical:

"Personally, I'd love to see one theatre converted into a full-time variety house, a modern music-hall catering for today's popular taste, a second into a civilised rock and pop venue for those, like me, too old for the mosh pit. And why not turn a third into a glamorous supper club with a Las Vegas-style floorshow – something like Cirque du Soleil, perhaps, but please God, without the clowns."
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