The New York Times reports that Muslim scholars and intellectuals will meet in Morocco on Saturday to discuss Islam and democracy. Atrocities committed by insurgents in Iraq are forcing a reassessment of the way their faith is being portrayed to the outside world. One of the dissenters calls for a complete re-reading of Koranic doctrine:

"[W]e have to differentiate between the religion and state politics. When you take the political Islam, you see only killing, assassination, poisoning, intrigue, conspiracy and civil war, but Islam as a message is very human, sensible and just."

Here's the view of another reformer, the director of the Al Arabiya TV network, Abdul Rahman al-Rashed:

"Mr. Rashed senses there is a movement in the Arab world, if perhaps not yet a consensus, that understands that Muslims have to start reining in their own rather than constantly complaining about injustice and unfairness. The violence has not only reduced sympathy for just causes like ending the Israeli occupation, he says, but set off resentment against Muslims wherever they live."
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