Jamaican dancehall singers seem unrepentant about their anti-gay lyrics. American piano jazz trio The Bad Plus explain why it's OK to swing Black Sabbath. Michael Church has an introduction to the wonderful Glenn Gould. Neil McCormack, in a look at money matters, reminds us that most musicians never, ever get acquainted with stretch-limos (via ArtsJournal.com). If you're looking for gift ideas, box sets from Beatles to Bennett are reviewed here. And if you needed reminding why stadium concerts are an abomination, turn to the Daily Telegraph's review (reg required) of the eternally juvenile Beastie Boys at Wembley Arena:

"There were more surprises in store during the first encore, too, as the three MCs, now fully returned to raucous rap mode, popped up in the middle of the crowd to perform Intergalactic. Most of their fans, however, were so transfixed by the enormous video screens behind the main stage that they failed to realise that the Beasties were now dancing and hollering just metres behind them."
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