I meant to link to Perry De Haviland's post at Samizdata yesterday, but the server troubles put paid to that:

"Last night I had some friends and business associates around for dinner here in Chelsea. It was an agreeable evening at which some interesting conversations were had, some good food was enjoyed and some nice wine drunk.

And at around 7:00pm while all that was happening in my home, some 50 yards away my neighbour John Monckton was stabbed to death and his wife seriously injured by a pair of young vermin who
broke into their house.

Of course the state forbids people like the Moncktons from owning the means to defend themselves. And the CCTV cameras on our street? I cannot tell you how much better they must make everyone around here feel. The police who have closed off my street are festooned with all manner of weapons and body armour but given that their actual role in modern Britain is little more than clearing up the mess after another disarmed householder has been butchered, perhaps waterproof coveralls and mops would be more suitable equipment for our tax funded 'guardians'."

I live outside London, in an area that looks bucolic and peaceful but actually has a surprising amount of crime. A couple of years ago, my car was stolen and used in a ram-raid. A neighbour of mine came across it, dumped in a lane, a few days later. When I cycled down to take a look I found a sledgehammer in the boot. Useful evidence, I thought. I phoned the police. The station is only five minutes' drive away, but it took a patrol car more than an hour to reach me. When I rang to ask what was happening, a weary voice on the other end of the line asked me whether I couldn't bring the sledgehammer to the station later in the week.

Friends have similar stories to tell.

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