I've just returned from The Big Blog Company's first bootcamp for journalists. A very good idea all round, except for the part where we had to crawl through modem cables while being shot at with machine-guns (only joking...)
Thanks to Jackie and Adriana for putting up with our silly questions about RSS, XML and the meaning of life in general. (It also came as a great relief to learn that even hardened techies have known what it's like to get into a mess setting up wireless connections. My AOL kit has been lying on the floor, unplugged and unloved, for three months now.) It was also fascinating to see how cynical some Fleet Street veterans are about the possibilities of blogging. I suspect that a hundred years ago their great-grandfathers were telling everyone not to bother buying one of those noisy internal combustion thingummies. I don't think blogging is the Second Coming, but one of the things I most like about it is that it's starting to undermine the stultifying clubbishness of London journalism. The conversation is getting louder, and more interesting.
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