Michael Crichton talks about global warming - the subject of his new thriller - in an interview in today's New York Times.

He clearly has his doubts about environmental campaigners' use of computer modelling: "You have to remember, I come from an experience where you can use a computer to make a photo-realistic dinosaur, and I know that isn't real."

UPDATE: Although the book has had a positive review in the subscriber-only Wall St Journal ("a lightning-paced technopolitical thriller") one of the bloggers at the highly readable American Scene sounds a warning:

"...I think the plot of Michael Crichton's latest sounds uncommonly silly -- and the eagerness with which conservatives are jumping to praise it bespeaks an all-too-typical right-wing response to any cultural effort, however mediocre, that somehow sticks it to the Left. If Crichton wants to write a book puncturing global warming panic, that's great . . . but to have the plot revolve (if Ronald Bailey is to be believed) around a cabal of radical eco-terrorists, led by a Ralph Nader clone, who create killer weather events in the hopes of scaring the world into reducing CO2 emissions seems just a little bit -- what's the word I'm looking for? Ah yes: Stupid."

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