David Aaronovitch has little time for the latest rumour - initiated by paramedics - about the death of weapons expert, Dr David Kelly. All we need now is a grassy knoll and Kevin Costner as a demented DA:

"As it happens, the Hutton inquiry was told that there was indeed a large bloodstain in the undergrowth near Kelly's body. But the paramedics were, said the Observer report, "insistent" that there wasn't. "I am sure I would not have missed that amount of blood," Hunt said.
But if Kelly didn't kill himself then a shadowy someone must have set up a meeting with him and then had him done in, albeit rather ineptly. The pathologists who presumably lied to Hutton about the blood slick will have been in on the plot too.

"The finger points at the person who had most to gain from Kelly being silenced, though quite how Andrew Gilligan persuaded others to join his conspiracy, we may never know. And, of course, all this is much more likely than that the paramedics, on the scene some hours after Kelly's death, failed to spot some evidence which the pathologists, who were there a great deal longer, thought they had seen."

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