Poet Roshan Doug (registration required) lays into the Sikh protestors who forced the cancellation of Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti's controverial play, "Dishonour":

"Sikhs who objected to the presentation of their religion, and certain local politicians and church leaders who supported them, are the type of people who want art to be purely entertaining. And why haven't they been offended by T S Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral? Or the sexual abuse committed by some Roman Catholic priests in the confines of their holy buildings? Or what about the murder of a Sikh priest in Wolverhampton, or the use of the Golden Temple as a fortress littered with heavy armaments during the early 1980s.

"Weren't these cases offensive?

"Essentially, they don't want dramatists to hold a mirror up to reality. Instead, they hark back to a bygone age, when society was unpolluted by corruption, greed and sin.
It's all myth, the perpetual stuff of old Bollywood movies. Or the American feature films of the 1950s. Sweets and candy.

"All they're interested in is slushy, sentimental, instantly forgettable gloss. And, believe you me, there's plenty of that around. Song and dance is, and has always been, the most popular form of theatre. You have only to look at the popularity of Andrew Lloyd Webber to see how true this is."

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