My friend, Martha Bayles dissects Robert Benton's film, The Human Stain, on her movie weblog, Serious Popcorn. The adaptation of Philip Roth's campus novel sank without trace at the box office: when I saw it in San Francisco last last year, there were only about six other people in the auditorium. A shame, because it's a brave, if flawed film which is actually superior to the book (I can never get used to Roth's hectoring narrative voice).

Perhaps I'm biased, since the subject of "passing for white" is very close to my heart, but I thought this was one of the most under-rated films of the year. (My Times preview can be found via this link.) Yes, the Nicole Kidman character is ridiculous, but so is the utterly dysfunctional woman we encounter in the novel. Yes, Anthony Hopkins doesn't seem "black" enough, but isn't that the point of the story?
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