A few weeks ago, around the time of the Kenneth Bigley killing, an Independent reader wrote to the paper to suggest that UK citizens travelling abroad should consider finding ways of using, say, an Irish passport. It was one way, he thought, to avoid becoming a target.
Now here's a Daily Telegraph report (registration required) on Black Watch tactics in the Sunni Triangle:

They handed out fliers bearing Scottish flags, and a photograph of a smiling Black Watch soldier and two young Iraqi children.

"Please allow me to introduce myself," read the Arabic message on the reverse. "I am a Scottish soldier of the Black Watch regiment. "We ask you to ignore those who would reject our presence . . . What have they ever done for you but take away your sons and bring sadness and despair to your area?"

The fliers bore the cross of St Andrew, but conspicuously lacked the Union flag. "When people see the Union flag, they think of it as English, and we want to emphasise that we're Scottish," said one Black Watch officer.

I find the media coverage of the latest deaths absolutely cringe-making. Are there any British milblogs that give a different view?

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