David Frum will be squaring up to Michael Moore, among others, on tonight's special edition of Question Time, BBC1, 10.45pm.

UPDATE: It turned out to be an interesting programme - much livelier than the normal UK edition. Moore was wittier than usual, Frum was as eloquent as ever and Richard Littlejohn seemed very measured too. I know I'm biased, but Sidney Blumenthal came across as amazingly unctious.
In short, proof that the BBC can do a balanced job, when it puts its mind to it. Sadly, I've just heard that Panorama has invited Moore onto the Florida campaign trail for this Sunday's edition. Not exactly my idea of investigative journalism, but maybe I'll be proved wrong.

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109897581929067843|||Anonymous Anonymous
Hmmm - David Frum, now there's a moron. What is it about American right wing polemicists that makes the rest of civilisation hate you so much? Maybe it's your uninformed ignorance of other countries, other societies and other peoples; or maybe it's just your arrogant presumptiousness that leads you to dismiss the generally held global view that right wing Americans are the conjoined twin of the Islamicist extremist.
Yours, Nick London
10/28/2004 04:03:00 pm|||
109898796702780346|||Blogger Vox Poplar
To Nick London.

Just a minor correction.

David Frum is Canadian.

I wish Frum luck on this one. I sure hope Moore gives him a chance to speak, a very rare event when Moore's around.
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